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Welcome to AMS

We stand ready to provide our clients with a unique combination of high quality and outstanding service at reasonable prices. We will continue working to streamline our operations, and we will continue operating in a manner which ensures that our commitments and standards will be maintained well into the future. 

In an era of mergers and service-oriented cutbacks, we strongly believe that AMS offers a refreshing alternative to needless corporate bureaucracy


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Featured Products

Heavy Duty Clutches

AMS EZ Pedal Clutches

This design uses a spring-loaded, self-adjusting, wedged ring that rotates to maintain constant diaphragm spring height and pedal effort. As the friction material on the disc wears thinner the tapered wedged ring rotates, utilizing a thicker section of the ring compensate.

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AMS Friction

AMS has recently launched its new brake program. This program features Intimidator (Standard Grade) disc brake pads, ProQuiet (Professional Grade) disc brake pads, UltraQuiet (Premium Grade) disc brake pads, TITAN SEVERE DUTY (Commercial Grade) disc brake pads, ProQuiet Brake Shoes, and RotoQuiet drums and rotors. All items are in-stock and can be combined with additional AMS products to meet freight prepaid requirements and are available for immediate shipment.

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AMS Heavy Duty Flywheels

Class 6-8 Replacement Flywheels

Bolted to the engine crankshaft, the flywheel serves as the mounting surface of the clutch assembly. The flywheel also acts as a heat sink to dissipate heat. Many of today’s medium and heavy-duty truck flywheels are not designed to be resurfaced.

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UNIVERSAL Lift Supports

Other-motive lift supports

Because lift supports are becoming more widely used beyond automotive applications, AMS continues to expand our coverage for the growing Other-motive category. These types of applications include: Heavy machinery, marine applications, recreational vehicle window and doors, toolboxes, and storage containers. For the latest additional coverage, please see our updated UNIVERSAL chart.

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AMS Series Upgrades

SR Kits

AMS has engineered heavy-duty and high-performance Series Upgrade (SR) New Clutch Kits that feature a unique combination of application-specific torque capacity, coefficient of friction, and clamp load characteristics.

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