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New Clutch Kits

New Clutch Kits

Standard Duty Clutch Kits

Standard Duty Kits

As the premier independent supplier of manual transmission products to the automotive aftermarket, AMS Automotive continues to set the standard for product performance, reliability, and durability! Rather than creating another “me too” line of new clutch kits, we set out to rethink and improve the way kits are developed, packaged, and sold.
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SE Clutch Kits

SE Kits

Select Engineered (SE) Premium New Clutch Kits are designed to address the growing import market, by providing content-sensitive professional technicians with identical O.E.M. or O.E.S. fit, form, and function.
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SR Clutch Kits

SR Kits

AMS has engineered heavy-duty and high-performance Series Upgrade (SR) New Clutch Kits that feature a unique combination of application-specific torque capacity, coefficient of friction, and clamp load characteristics.
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