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AMS Automotive Adds Product Images To Electronic Application Cataloging

1 April, 2011

Fenton, MO - AMS Automotive has provided both Activant and WHI Solutions with product images for Clutch Kits, Clutch Hydraulics, and New Flywheels. These images have been made available in a high resolution standard 300 x 300 pixel maximum dimension JPEG format as well as a thumbnail image in a 72 x 72 pixel maximum dimension JPEG format. 

Effective, May 1st 2011, customer’s utilizing Activant Cover to Cover or WHI Solutions will have access to these images as well as updated product shipping weights, box sizes, and UPC barcode information.

Adding product images will assist customers by helping to answer a wide variety of questions. The fast, convenient availability of this information helps users increase sales and productivity, minimize returns and enhance customer satisfaction.

According to Chris Jackson, Vice President of AMS Automotive, “Customer reliance on e-catalog tools has exploded over the past year. Today, e-catalogs are the preferred reference tools among North American auto parts distributors, jobbers and service dealers, with catalog interface data tightly integrated into their point of sale and shop management systems.


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