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AMS Automotive Develops Improved Lift Support Package

28 October, 2011

Fenton, MO -AMS Automotive is pleased to announce the development of improved lift support packaging that provides superior durability and functionality, along with more eye-appealing retail-oriented graphics.

For many years, the industry-standard lift support package has been an elongated pouch consisting of clear PVC (vinyl) on the front, and color impregnated vinyl on the back. Although it provides visibility to the product inside, it has many inherent deficiencies: 

  • Structural integrity is negatively impacted by climate variation
    - Cracks in cold climates
    - Distorts in hot climates (stretches and/or wrinkles)
  • Hang holes are difficult to die cut, and the slug often remains attached, clogging the hole
  • Can release toxins and is non recyclable (several states are considering laws prohibiting vinyl packaging) 

The revised AMS package utilizes coated SUS® paperboard, a three-ply material commonly used to package frozen foods, pharmaceuticals and beverages. Advantages versus existing vinyl packaging include:    

  • Freeze/thaw* testing show no cold cracking or heat distortion.
  • Drop testing from 36” confirms that the reinforced bottom prevented product from ejecting thru the bottom product/package contact point.
  • Triple-wall reinforced hang holes do not clog, nor do they distort due to the weight of the product
  • The 4-color process printing results in increased graphic appeal
  • Installation instructions and other information on the back are larger, clearer and easier to read.
  • SUS® packaging is made from pine trees, a natural, renewable resource, and it is third-party certified to meet Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) requirements, while providing excellent bending, compression and moisture resistance 

According to Jay Sweeney, AMS Product/Packaging Manager, “The new lift support package addresses all of the structural deficiencies of vinyl packaging, to ensure superior package performance and product protection throughout the entire distribution supply chain.”

Despite an increased cost to produce the new and improved AMS package, there will be no increase in cost to AMS customers. Beginning in December 2011, AMS customers can expect to see some lift supports arrive in the new package, as stock of the previous package is phased out.  
* The freeze and thaw tests consisted of temperature variations between -20F and 140F over 24 hour periods.


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