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AMS Automotive Introduces QR Code Technology Catalog

13 September, 2011

Fenton, MO - AMS Automotive has begun utilizing QR Code technology that enables smart phone users direct access to product related information, application information, announcements, and on-line technical videos. 

As an example of how AMS is utilizing QR Code technology, numerous AMS printed technical bulletins are now imbedded with QR Code tags. Although printed technical bulletins in their previous format have proven useful, the link to AMS on-line technical videos is even more helpful. 

By scanning the QR Code imbedded on the printed bulletin, smart phone users are directed to the relevant technical video hosted on YouTube. In the weeks since AMS began using QR Codes, viewer usage of AMS on-line videos has skyrocketed, with a related reduction in warranty.  

According to David Barringer, Director of IT at AMS, “Like other suppliers in the automotive aftermarket, we’ve struggled with ways in which important information can be communicated thru multiple channels of distribution, directly to store personnel and technicians. QR Code technology allows us to go directly to store personnel and technicians. He further added, “Smart phone usage continues to increase. In fact, smart phone sales now exceed sales of all other phone types combined. AMS will continue to utilize QR Code technology to invent practical value-added uses.”


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