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Automotive Lift Support

Automotive Lift Support

Most automotive applications now feature two, four or more gas charged lift supports and demand continues to grow. For example, a 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee utilized two lift supports. By 2000, that same application required six lift supports. When gas charged lift supports do begin to fail, it becomes difficult to open the vehicle’s compartments. That can turn into a physical catastrophe if the lift fails to open or slams closed when in the open position…not to mention the strain of trying to lift a hatch or trunk that’s completely lost all of its gas pressure power.


Nominally priced yet technologically superior to other lifts on the market, only AMS has unique features to ensure safe reliable operation, again and again. AMS offers the largest selection of patented connector systems. We never rely on will-fit substitutions that require lots of extra time to remove the old lift supports, rebuild the connectors and then install new lift supports. Because we insist on using hardware that is identical to the OEM design, the job can be done more easily and much safer, with just a few simple hand tools. Most applications can be installed in five minutes or less. Try that with the competition! As an example, our top selling Chrysler minivan application features a patented swivel end connector attached to Belleville washers that are designed to evenly distribute the force. This system replaced the older system that was recalled by Chrysler. By comparison, all AMS competitors utilize a plastic connector with an extended ball stud and no Belleville washer. This causes stress at the mounting hole and can lead to catastrophic failure.


AMS is committed to offering the industry’s most comprehensive lineup of lift supports. We currently include coverage for nearly 100% of all automotive applications. OE applications in which the identical AMS lift supports are utilized include Chevrolet Equinox, Chrysler Voyage, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Lexus RX350, Lincoln Navigator, Mitsubishi Eclipse, Nissan Pathfinder, Pontiac Torrent, Suzuki XL7, and Toyota Tundra just to name a few.

Development and Production

During the initial design phase, each application is evaluated and tested for the following: strength, corrosion, assembly methodology, and ease of installation. The testing is done using specifically designed machines including thermal chambers capable of testing from -40°F to 180°F degrees, a full-size drive-in thermal chamber, a salt spray chamber, Instron test stands with thermal chambers, a precision prep saw with micro hardness measuring capabilities and a vibration test stand. The production processes required to manufacture AMS lift supports all take place in the same facility. These processes include stamping, screw machining, tube machining, chrome plating, e-coat painting, zinc-chromate plating, ultra-sonic welding, spot welding, brazing, and heat staking. Because the various processes aren’t outsourced, quality control is further enhanced, yielding consistently high quality.


For many years, the industry-standard lift support package has been an elongated pouch consisting of clear PVC (vinyl) on the front, and color impregnated vinyl on the back. Although it provides visibility to the products inside, it has many inherent deficiencies:

  • Structural integrity in negatively impacted by climate variation causing cracks in cold climates and stretched wrinkles in hot climates.
  • Hang holes are difficult to die cut, and the slug often remains attached, clogging the hole.
  • Can release toxins and is non-recyclable (several states are considering laws prohibiting vinyl packaging).

The New Improved AMS Lift support package utilizes coated SUS® paperboard, a three-ply material commonly used to package frozen foods, pharmaceuticals and beverages. Advantages versus existing vinyl packaging include:

  • Freeze/thaw testing show no cold cracking or heat distortion.
  • Drop testing from 36” confirms that the reinforced bottom prevents product from ejecting thru the bottom product/package contact point.
  • Triple-wall reinforced hang holes do not clog, nor do they distort due to the weight of the product.
  • The 4-color process printing results in increased graphic appeal
  • Installation instructions and other information on the back are larger, clearer and easier to read.
  • SUS® packaging is made from pine trees, a natural, renewable resource, and it is third-party certified to meet Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) requirements, while providing excellent bending, compression and moisture resistance.


You can be assured that when you choose an AMS gas charged lift support you get the industry’s highest quality in terms of long-lasting performance, smooth operation, functional safety, and ease of installation. Our lift supports feature the latest technology and most innovative features. For example, AMS’ exclusive patented Temperature Compensation Module valve remains closed at temperatures above 40°F and prevents expansion of a portion of the compressed gas within the spring. When the temperature drops below 20°F, the TCM valve opens to allow expansion of gas within the tube. This valve makes it possible for the extended force to increase at the TCM valve opening temperature (TCM valves are not required or included in all lift supports).


After assembly, each AMS gas charged lift support is tested in four different positions during compression and extension to measure speed and force. Each lift is then subjected to two overload tests to assure structural integrity and safety. As a final measure of safety, all AMS lift supports are certified to meet DOT Hazmat regulations at 49 CFR & 173.306(f).


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