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TITAN SEVERE DUTY Commercial Grade Disc Brake Pads

For the demanding requirements of commercial vehicles, look no further than TITAN Severe Duty Disc Brake Pads. TITAN Severe Duty is constructed to be durable, dependable, and long lasting.
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UltraQuiet Premium Disc Brake Pads

When the OE manufacturers select a friction formulation for a particular vehicle, they consider criteria: Vehicle weigh, rotor dimension, friction contact surface area, and harmonic balance of shape.
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ProQuiet Professional Grade Disc Brake Pads

Designed for the Professional Installer; ProQuiet Disc Brake Pads provide all of the ingredients necessary to satisfy the customer.
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ProQuiet Drum Brake Shoes

AMS offers a comprehensive line of riveted and bonded brake shoes for the professional installer.
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INTIMIDATOR Service Grade Semi-Metallic and Ceramic Disc Brake Pads

INTIMIDATOR provides all of the durability and consistent performance you expect.
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Brake Legislation

In 2010, the states of California and Washington passed laws which require brake pad friction manufacturers to reduce or eliminate some of the materials used in their formulations. AMS Automotive proudly supports and participates in these efforts.
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