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Bolted to the engine crankshaft, the flywheel serves as the mounting surface of the clutch assembly. The flywheel also acts as a heat sink to dissipate heat. Many of today’s medium and heavy-duty truck flywheels are not designed to be resurfaced. The ring gear has been mounted forward on the flywheel, near the friction surface. Even the slightest removal of friction surface material will result in interference or damage to the ring gear. AMS offers new no-core flywheels for most popular medium and heavy duty applications. Each flywheel is manufactured to O.E.M. specifications, using premium grade iron, new ring gears, and new dowel pins. To reduce vibration and maximize performance, each unit is dynamically balanced, backed by our comprehensive warranty, and priced competitively versus the cost of a resurfaced flywheel. Warranty costs and idle rack time are virtually eliminated. By including all new clutch related components as a precisely matched system, the job is virtually guaranteed to be done right. As an added cost-effective benefit, delivery costs are reduced because the flywheel can be delivered with other components.

Listed below is a summary of additional advantages associated with new AMS flywheels:

  • No core investment or rejection
  • Eliminates the need for a thicker clutch brake or brake washer
  • Maximizes the full adjustment capacity of the clutch
  • Restores the release bearing stroke back to its OE position
  • Includes a new flywheel ring gear
  • Machine shop costs are eliminated
  • Idle rack time is reduced because the flywheel can be delivered along with other clutch components
  • Warranty costs are reduced because each flywheel is guaranteed to be flat, smooth and free of cracks, scoring or heat marks

Each flywheel is backed by a 90-day warranty which protects against defects in manufacturing and workmanship


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