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RotoQuiet Drums and Rotors

Precise Machining, Milling, And Balancing:
Each AMS Automotive RotoQuiet rotor has been machined with a non-directional swirl finish. All drum surfaces, rotor surfaces, hub holes and bolt holes are milled to exacting tolerances. RotoQuiet drums and rotors are ready to go, and require no machining prior to installation.

Application Specific Vein Configurations:
Maintaining proper air flow through the cooling vents of the rotor is critical to dissipating heat and reducing fade and noise. RotoQuiet matches the application specific OE design.

RotoQuiet Is Heavy:
AMS has a long history of providing the best products available. RotoQuiet brake drums and rotors are OE weighted, unlike inferior aftermarket alternatives found in the market.

Stop Warping Through Time:
RotoQuiet drums and rotors meet the SAE J431 standard for metallurgy, reducing warpage, extending pad life, and ensuring smooth and quiet operation.

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RotoQuiet Drums and Rotors

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