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Universal Lift Supports

UNIVERSAL Lift Support

For non-automotive specific applications, AMS offers a complete range of lift supports that are widely used in a host of applications. These include: Camper shell windows, canopies/awnings, computer/printer covers, farm machinery, garbage containers, golf carts, grills/smokers, marine hatches, overhead bins, RV windows/doors, storage containers, tanning beds, truck tool boxes, toy boxes/piano benches, truck tonneau covers, utility vehicles and much more. To determine the proper Universal for your application, follow the steps below.

How to select the correct Universal lift support


1 - What is the extended length of the lift support you are trying to replace? 

(Extended length is measured in inches from center to center of the Connectors; see the diagram)

Extended Length Universal Lift Support 

2 - What type of connectors are on the lift support you are trying to replace?

Universal Lift Supports Connectors

3  -  What is the force (in pounds) of the lift support you are trying to replace?   

There are markings on the lift support you are trying to replace that show the pounds force in Newtons.  These markings include a series of numbers ending with “N”.  Conversion for Newtons “N” to pounds “#” is (xxxN/4.45)

Universal Lift Support Force

If you are unable to determine the force, or if you need help selecting the right universal lift support, please call the AMS lift support tech line at 1.800.528.6743




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