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Alignment Tools

The use of a clutch alignment tool during clutch installation and removal is helpful in order to properly align the clutch components, and prevent damage to the related components. Each AMS alignment tool is manufactured in the U.S.A. and made of premium grade polypropylene material.
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Bell-Housing Inspection Cover Kits

AMS Automotive bell housing inspection cover kits are designed to assist in the lubrication of the release bearing and prevent contaminants from entering the bell housing. AMS lube tubes are available separately or in 10-packs at a reduced cost.
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Clutch Brakes

AMS offers three styles of clutch brakes, to eliminate damage to non-synchronized transmissions, and minimizes the effort required when shifting from neutral into first or reverse from a standstill.
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Installation Kits

In order to minimize unnecessary costs and to ensure longer life and smoother shifting, it’s important to replace all related wear components when installing a new clutch and flywheel. That’s why AMS Automotive recommends a clutch installation kit with every clutch job.
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Pilot Bearings

AMS offers the industry’s most comprehensive pilot bearing coverage for medium and heavy-duty vehicles. Each bearing meets or exceeds O.E.M. requirements, including the newest industry standards for high temperature shields and grease.
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Release Bearings

AMS offers the industry’s most comprehensive lineup of medium-duty clutch release bearings, including comprehensive coverage on Japanese applications. Each bearing is engineered to exact O.E.M. specifications using the highest quality materials, offering the ultimate in load carrying capability and operational characteristics.
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Replacement Components

AMS offers a variety of additional individually-packaged wear components, many of which are contained in our heavy-duty installation kits. All are produced in compliance with TS16949, ISO9001, and ISO14001 standards using the highest quality materials.
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Volvo Clutch Hydraulics

AMS offers industry-leading coverage on O.E.M. quality clutch master and slave cylinders for various 1997-later class 8 Volvo VN-VHD series heavy duty truck applications.
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