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Clutch Hydraulics

Many late-model vehicles actuate the clutch system using a hydraulic clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder, rather than mechanical linkage. When the clutch pedal is depressed, the pushrod on the master cylinder displaces fluid from the cylinder, through a tube, to the slave cylinder. In most instances, the piston attached to the slave cylinder moves a release fork, attached to a release bearing, in order to disengage the clutch. On other systems, the slave cylinder piston pushes forward against a release bearing to disengage the clutch. Hydraulic systems are designed to reduce pedal effort, and to simplify installation by more directly connecting the pedal to the clutch. They also eliminate the need for failure-prone items like return springs and cable mechanisms. Because hydraulic systems have built-in pedal travel already factored in, periodic adjustment is usually not required.

Problems generally arise when either the master cylinder or slave cylinder leaks hydraulic fluid, draws air, or fails to maintain adequate pressure required to disengage the clutch. If one of the components is damaged or leaks, it should be replaced before new clutch components are installed. On high mileage vehicles, it is also advisable to replace both components, even if only one of the components appears damaged. That’s because both components are designed with the same expected service life.

The AMS clutch hydraulics program provides industry-leading coverage on nearly 100% of all applications. Each sku is cataloged alongside the other components required for a complete clutch system replacement. Application specific tech bulletins and proper bleeding procedures are included with many sku’s. In addition, we use an “exact fit” approach, rather than relying on “will fit” aftermarket consolidations. This provides assurance of proper fit with the other components, and eliminates the need to search multiple catalogs for the necessary components.

Clutch Slave Cylinders

The function of a slave cylinder is primarily controlled by the master cylinder. Slave cylinders are divided into two primary categoires: Concentric slave cylinder (CSC) and external slave cylinder.
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Clutch Master Cylinders

Master cylinders are divided into two primary categories based on the internal mechanism used to generate hydraulic pressure: seal over port systems and center-feed type systems.
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Pre-Filled Hydraulic Systems

AMS offers the industry’s first and most comprehensive lineup of pre-filled clutch hydraulics, available as a pre-filled system or a pre-filled master cylinder.
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