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AMS offers a complete selection of medium to heavy duty clutches that range from Angle-Ring and Angle-Spring designs to the more popular EZ-Pedal clutch. Each of our medium to heavy duty clutches are designed to meet or exceed O.E.M. specifications and are assembled in the U.S.A. with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. Each clutch assembly is backed by a 1 year unlimited mileage on classes 4, 5, and 6 and a two year unlimited mileage warranty on classes 7 and 8 and utilizes all new components including intermediate plate and clutch discs. Our exclusive EZ-Pedal design has been upgraded to include several additional features and benefits not offered in the original O.E.M. design. Our EZ-Pedal versions offer trouble-free operation, longer life, and less downtime….guaranteed!  Features and benefits include:

6-Position Adjustment Mechanism: Provides quick access and easy free travel adjustments (no bolts to remove or special tools required). Using a box-end socket wrench, simply depress the bracket and turn the ¾” hex head adjuster. When finished, align the bolt flats with the bracket.

Assist Springs: Three high quality assist springs reduce pedal effort by up to 50%, resulting in increased driver comfort and satisfaction.

Coarse Threaded Adjustment Ring: Robust design virtually eliminates seized adjusting ring problems commonly associated with the obsolete finely threaded design. Meets O.E.M. specifications. To compensate for equivalent wear, requires only 50% of the adjustable movement of the obsolete design.

Strap Driven Pressure Plate: Eliminates lug driven pressure plate noise and reduces vibration by eliminating retractor springs and the associated wear points on the pressure plate and shell casting.

Dual Bronze Retainer Bushings: The self-centering feature provides positive alignment of the release bearing. Wider bronze wear pads protect the input shaft and also increase durability by reducing mating surface wear.

Friction Material: AMS uses O.E. quality sintered friction material for clutches, providing low wear rates, unsurpassed coefficient of friction, increased torque capacity, and resistance to higher operating temperatures in the most extreme applications….on or off highway.

6212-2RS Shielded Bearing: Utilize rubber seals which help to seal out contaminants from clutch and friction wear. Each bearing ball is made of select material for superb roundness, contour and surface finish, yielding longer life and reliability. Precisely finished steel raceways produce low friction and very little noise or vibration.

When standard duty replacements just don’t satisfy the need, whether it’s towing heavy loads, hauling concrete, or pulling a load of logs off-highway, our “Magnum 2250” can handle it! That’s because AMS Automotive has combined the proven advantages of an EZ Pedal style clutch, with uniquely configured 6-paddle 10 coaxial spring discs, to create the industry’s highest torque capacity clutch. Some additional features and benefits of the Magnum 2250 (108925-45) are:

  • Dyno tested at over 2250 ft. lbs. of torque
  • Robust disc configuration reduces drive train torsional vibration, idle gear rattle, and spline wear
  • Fits ALL 15.5” AMS flywheels (requires a flywheel counter bore of 8.625” or greater)
  • Designed to accommodate lower emission engines generating peak torque at low RPM’s (along with the subsequent increase in operating temperatures
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A. of the highest quality components
  • Can replace all other 6-paddle high-torque AMS clutches with a torque rating of 1860-2050 ft. lbs., which account for 54% of all heavy-duty sales

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