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Installation Kits

In order to minimize unnecessary costs and to ensure longer life and smoother shifting, it’s important to replace all related wear components when installing a new clutch and flywheel. That’s why AMS Automotive recommends a clutch installation kit with every clutch job. After all, the cost to remove/reinstall the transmission after the clutch/flywheel has already been installed is far greater than the cost of an installation kit. AMS installation kits fit popular Eaton® Fuller® RT series transmissions. The components in each kit are produced using the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, including:

  • A pilot bearing that utilizes high temperature grease and Viton™ seals, engineered to resist damage from today’s hotter running engines.
  • Four “short” and/or three “long” cross shaft bushings that allow for replacement of any combination of bushings currently used in the application. Each “long” bushing includes the lube retention feature preferred by professional technicians.
  • A torque limiting clutch brake that prevents tang breakage from driver misuse.
  • The latest style front bearing cover, which includes smooth clutch break surface and oil return grooves for superior lube retention.
  • A heat-treated and precisely-machined transmission input shaft and clutch fork.
  • A silicon-based clutch housing and shift tower gasket, designed to eliminate leaks.

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