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INTIMIDATOR Service Grade Semi-Metallic and Ceramic Disc Brake Pads



  • Dependable semi-metallic and ceramic formulas that provide smooth braking characteristics and strong rotor life.
  • Engineered to dampen vibration, a rubber coated steel shim is attached to each pad.
  • Piston clips, hold-down clips, and wear sensors are securely riveted onto all necessary applications.
  • Matched to OE design, slots and chamfers are utilized for continued performance and noise-free braking.

Unique characteristics of the Intimidator Disc Pad Line:

  • Affordable, Quality Braking:
    • When developing our service grade formulations, we wanted a level of quality that matched our customers' expectations
    • Our semi-metallic formula delivers smooth braking and strong rotor life
    • Our ceramic formula is designed as a low-dust, quiet material, that also provides reliable stopping characteristics
  • Rubber Coated Shims:
    • We are one of the few brake companies that uses a multi-layed, nitrile coated shim, not a plain piece of coated steel
    • That rubber-type material adds a layer of dampen that is crucial to minimizing vibration
  • Better Braking Compliant:
    • We are proud to say that both our Intimidator semi-metallic and ceramic formulas are 100% copper-free and completely compliant with the Better Brakes Rules for 2025 and beyond
  • Positive Mold Construction:
    • This type of brake pad manufacturing adds a level of engineering consistency to the product that cannot be matched by other processes
    • Each pad is molded with the exacting amounts of material, and pressure and cycle times that ensure the proper density, providing stable braking performance



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