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Miba Facing

The reputation for quality and reliability that Miba has earned through the production of sintered clutch buttons is now available from AMS in sintered metallic clutch facings. Designed for heavy-duty and high-performance mid-range use, these bonded facings are manufactured using the same premier compound that Miba utilizes in button production. Using techniques similar to those employed in button production, Miba sinters friction material onto a lightweight aluminum backing plate. These backing plates are laser cut to a variety of sizes, based on the same FMSI patterns used for many of the popular organic facings found on mid-range applications. After the sintering and coining processes have been completed, rivet holes are drilled through the backing plate. The final step is to countersink the rivet holes so that the surface of the rivet heads will be below the surface of the friction material when the facings are riveted into place. Applications for Miba facings include: street racing, towing, hauling, snow removal, commercial use, and off-road use. What’s more, Miba sintered facings are more resistant to engine, gear, tire, or suspension modifications that would previously had a negative impact on the service life of the clutch system.


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