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Miba Friction Material

When it comes to high friction coefficients and resistance to high operating temperatures, no other friction material can match the performance characteristics of sintered metallic materials. Today’s improved clutch designs, plus refined friction material technology, have gone a long way in improving wear rates and providing smoother engagement. Leading the changes has been Miba AG, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of sintered metal materials. Founded in 1927 and headquartered in Austria, Miba has grown from a one-man locksmith shop into a major O.E. producer of friction material, engine bearings, and automotive structural components.

Since 1988, Miba and AMS Automotive have created a proven and effective partnership built around the individual strengths of both companies. As the exclusive aftermarket source for Miba friction material North America, AMS focuses on providing other aftermarket clutch manufacturers and remanufacturers with a multitude of invaluable services including same day shipments, 100% order fill-rates, technical assistance, and marketing support. Our involvement with Miba, however, extends beyond marketing and distribution expertise into product design and development. AMS combines Miba sintered friction material, along with other premium components, to create an exclusive line of heavy-duty and high-performance “Series Upgrade” clutch kits. Additionally, all of the clutches supplied by AMS for commercial vehicles utilize Miba sintered buttons.

Miba Buttons

Miba buttons are produced using a patented “sprinkling technique”, and compacted powder metallurgy. Unlike other manufacturers that rely on large amounts of low-cost iron as a “filler” material, Miba relies on a bronze-based material while adding only small amounts of iron to act as a hardening agent.
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Miba Facing

The reputation for quality and reliability that Miba has earned through the production of sintered clutch buttons is now available from AMS in sintered metallic clutch facings. Designed for heavy-duty and high-performance mid-range use, these bonded facings are manufactured using the same premier compound that Miba utilizes in button production.
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