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Pre-Filled Hydraulic Systems

Late model hydraulic systems require a variety of complex bleed procedures. Obtaining this information is challenging, and properly bleeding these systems is even more difficult. The bleed procedure on a dry system can take up to an hour or more. To resolve these problems, AMS offers the industry’s first and most comprehensive lineup of pre-filled clutch hydraulics, available as a pre-filled system or a pre-filled master cylinder. Each system is pre-filled with hydraulic fluid and pre-bled, eliminating the need to perform this often-difficult task when the components are installed on the vehicle. When compared to the installation of dry components, shop time and the risk of warranty are substantially reduced.

Pre-Filled Systems

This system includes a master cylinder and slave cylinder, connected by the hydraulic line. No additional components are required, however, the pre-filled system may also include features such as a pulsation damper, heat shield, or neutral safety switch. These added components aren’t generally included with the individual master or slave cylinder. The design of these components makes conventional bleeding difficult and time consuming. For example, if the built-in pedal pulsation damper becomes contaminated, the system becomes nearly impossible to bleed. In addition, it is especially difficult to remove air from the damper. The pre-filled system eliminates these difficulties.

Pre-Filled Master Cylinders

This system includes a master cylinder connected to the hydraulic line (includes male quick disconnect). The system must be used with the existing O.E.M. slave cylinder or with a dry slave cylinder purchased separately. This system is designed for applications that include a Concentric Slave Cylinder (CSC) inside the bell housing. In addition, the master cylinder is typically mounted at an angle that makes conventional bleeding difficult and time consuming. After installation of the clutch and pre-filled master cylinder, a two-minute procedure to fill the CSC is all that is required. By comparison, the Ford-approved bleed procedure on a dry system can take up to an hour or more. The quick disconnect is the vulnerable component in this system. It is prone to leak due to component deterioration, and the female portion (attached to the CSC) or male portion is routinely broken during removal because the proper removal tool was not used. Rather than installing a complete pre-filled system, replacing that portion of the quick disconnect that is damaged (master cylinder and hydraulic line or the CSC) reduces the overall cost.


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