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ProQuiet Drum Brake Shoes

  • 100% Asbestos Free: All brake shoes are of new steel construction, utilizing premium non-asbestos friction material designed to minimize fade and provide long life. The environmentally-friendly, professional grade friction material delivers superior performance and service life.
  • OE Specific Bonded or Riveted: Premium grade adhesives or steel rivets ensure maximum sheer strength and reduce noise and vibration.
  • Coated Carbon Steel: All shoe platforms and webbing are constructed with new carbon steel specially coated to prevent corrosion and rust jacking.
  • Contour or Cam Ground: Provides proper friction-todrum contact for smooth and even stopping.
  • Attachment Hardware: Includes OE matched levers and pins (where applicable).
  • Industry Leading Coverage: Comprehensive availability of drum brake shoes and parking brake shoes for passenger car, light and medium duty trucks.
  • Drum-In-Hat: We also provide a full line of "Drum-In-Hat" (DIH) parking brake shoes.
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ProQuiet Brake Shoes

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