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Replacement Components

AMS offers a variety of additional individually-packaged wear components, many of which are contained in our heavy-duty installation kits. All are produced in compliance with TS16949, ISO9001, and ISO14001 standards using the highest quality materials. These wear components should be replaced during each clutch/flywheel replacement for the following reasons:

Clutch Fork: Worn release fingers shorten release bearing travel and create wear on the cross shaft and cross shaft bushings, resulting in excessive clutch pedal effort from linkage and clutch binding during engagement.

Cross Shaft and Cross Shaft Bushings: Excessive wear at the pivot points can cause side loading on the cross shaft bushings, producing sporadic changes in the amount of free play in the cab, erratic clutch engagement, and binding of the linkage system.

Front Bearing Cover: Front bearing covers with a worn clutch brake surface will result in poor clutch brake performance and short clutch brake service life. Replacing the front cover eliminates oil leaks produced from warped or pitted front bearing cover gasket surfaces.

Input Shaft: Even the slightest input shaft spline wear can prevent the driven discs from sliding freely, causing poor clutch release or clutch drag.

Input Shaft Support Bearing: Damage to this bearing increases rotational friction resulting in excessive noise and a seized support bearing. This can/will result in catastrophic damage to the input shaft.


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