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Solid Flywheels

Historically, the automotive repair business has been hampered during clutch replacement by the need to send the flywheel to a machine shop for reconditioning. This process is time consuming and costly, as it ties up a service bay at the repair facility. “Bay time” has been estimated to be worth $75-$125 per hour. What’s more, the reconditioning process involves two deliveries. One to pick up the flywheel and deliver it to the machine shop, and a second to return the flywheel to the installation facility. AMS has resolved these problems by offering an alternative to the old way of doing things. That’s because we offer the industry’s most comprehensive lineup of high-quality new flywheels for passenger cars and light truck applications.

Each new flywheel is engineered and manufactured to O.E.M. specifications, using premium grade iron, new ring gears, and new dowel pins. To reduce vibration and maximize performance, each unit is dynamically balanced, backed by our comprehensive warranty, and priced competitively versus the cost of a resurfaced flywheel. Warranty costs and idle rack time are virtually eliminated. As an added cost-effective benefit, delivery costs are reduced because the flywheel can be delivered with the other components. By including a new flywheel with the clutch and clutch hydraulics, the job is virtually guaranteed to be done right the first time.


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