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Performance Plus Kits

AMS Automotive’s engineers developed each of its Performance Plus clutch kits, hydraulics and flywheels to meet the demanding needs of towing, off-road and performance upgrades. Our new offering is targeted specifically to each of these specific needs. These systems were created for your customers that require increased durability and/or performance from their clutch system.  

The Performance Plus product family includes options ranging from towing and entry level upgrades to extreme performance systems. Each system features industry leading quality, and all are built and guaranteed to withstand the rigors of demanding environments. Those families include:



The SR100 Series for the utility market (which includes truck and SUV applications) is specifically engineered and targeted for towing, as well as slight performance upgrades, including mild ECM, intake, or exhaust improvements. These kits are ideal for the demands of towing and/or off-road use where drivers demand drivetrain performance beyond the original equipment specifications.

The SR100 Series for the passenger car market is targeted to support sport model cars, and is specifically engineered and targeted for mild performance upgrades (including ECM upgrades, intake, or exhaust improvements). These kits are ideal for applications where drivers require aggressive up-shift and down-shift capability that extend beyond the original equipment specifications. Each SR100 kit includes a heavy duty pressure plate upgraded with increased clamp load, as well as a heavy duty clutch disc lined with a hybrid aramid-organic friction material


The SR200 Series product is targeted for both the utility and passenger car markets, specifically for trucks, SUV, and sport model cars. This product builds on the engineering of the SR100 product line, and is targeted to meet the demands of more aggressive

power output and towing/pulling/off-road environments, without compromising drivability. These kits are engineered for applications where higher level ECM upgrades, internal engine modifications, intake, or
exhaust improvements have been incorporated. Each SR200 kit includes a heavy duty pressure plate upgraded with increased clamp load, as well as a heavy duty friction disc with Kevlar friction material.


The SR300 Series product is targeted for both utility and passenger car markets, specifically for trucks, SUV, and sport model cars. This product is engineered specifically for applications with extreme performance engines and powertrain upgrades have been incorporated, that include aftermarket ECM, forced induction, internal engine modification, and exhaust.



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