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AMS Automotive is truly a world class Clutch System provider serving the automotive and truck aftermarket exclusively. When it comes to performance, reliability, quality, coverage and cataloging, AMS Automotive sets the standard. That’s because all AMS Automotive Complete Clutch Systems contain only the highest quality clutch kits, flywheels and hydraulics produced by one of our trusted supply partners. This, paired with our “First to Market, Last Out” philosophy, means that we’ve got broad coverage for many older applications, as well as the most up-to-date coverage for the latest cars and trucks on the road. The quality and coverage of AMS Automotive Clutch Systems are second to none. All AMS Automotive clutch systems are engineered to meet or exceed OE specifications. AMS Automotive offers best in class components driven by our engineers and dedicated ASE-certified product and technical staff who address known OE-manufacturer flaws, which enables us to provide highly reliable system solutions. AMS Automotive understands and owns that critical eighteen inches of space that sits between the end of the engine crankshaft and the transmission input shaft.

That’s because at AMS Automotive, we like to call ourselves the Clutch Experts.

Here are just a few reasons why AMS Automotive Clutch Systems are recognized as the industry’s leader:
• Comprised exclusively of the OE Plus quality products demanded by professional installers
• High fill rates, superior cataloging, low warranty performance and outstanding product reliability
• Our computerized testing and quality procedures ensure that our system-driven design is compatible regardless of the manufacturer
• Our proven supply chain continues to meet exacting standards
• Engineered and manufactured to meet or exceed OE tolerance/performance specifications
• Ensures smooth shifts while eliminating noise and vibration
• Clutch system designed to function with other driveline components
• All components pass rigorous performance tests, in the lab and on the road, before they reach the installer


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