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UltraQuiet Premium Disc Brake Pads


At AMS, we take great pride in matching those exacting standards though our UltraQuiet Premium Brake Pads.  Our engineers examine all of these characteristics for each application, and match or improve on those designs.

  • All UltraQuiet Disc Brake Pads are application specific. The designers of your vehicle picked the formula for your vehicle.  Why change?  UltraQuiet employs seven formulations of ceramic or semi-metallic to create the best stopping performance.
  • We utilize Positive Molding technology.  This process virtually eliminates any burnishing, or break-in, period, and provides smooth, dust-free, noise-free braking.
  • To ensure proper fitment, all applications have the appropriate hardware included.  Some implements are attached to the disc pads, while other applications have caliper abutment hardware**.  All caliper abutment hardware is made with high quality stainless steel.
  • Typically in European vehicles, UltraQuiet provides the proper electronic wire sensor for each necessary application.
  • Multi-layered constraint insulators are either staked on or secured with clips. UltraQuiet uses only the highest quality materials to control NVH (Noise/Vibration/Harshness).
  • Matched by design, slots and chamfers are utilized for continued performance.

**Where available.

The Steps to Being UltraQuiet Application Specific?

1. What was the OE formulation?

2. Determine the operational brake temperature?  Consider:

  • Vehicle Weight
  • Rotor Style; Vented or Solid
  • Pad-To-Rotor Surface Contact Area

3. Select the UltraQuiet Formula Best Suited:


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